A world where everyone is engaged in philanthropy

Facilitate purposeful, meaningful connections across generations and all walks of life; engage others through philanthropic innovation and creativity; foster an ability to think outside the box and give in ways that suit each individual philanthropist and recipient

Adena Edelstein, MS helps clients clarify their values and navigate a course of action, in an effort to successfully reach their philanthropic goals and make a difference in the world. Her diverse background and experience in various settings includes working as a Child Life Specialist with children and families; a Quality of Life Specialist working with the elderly; a Personal Assistant and a longtime, devoted volunteer. Each of these positions held uniquely qualifies Adena for this work. Highly attuned and patient, Adena possesses a keen ability to listen carefully, collaborate effectively and problem solve in valuable and effective ways. She focuses on helping others hone in on their areas of passion and interest, in a collaborative effort to create effective and meaningful impact. Adena is passionate about helping others in purposeful, innovative and creative ways, monetarily and otherwise. Her clients range from high profile and high net worth individuals and families to children looking to find the most effective way to contribute their piggy bank savings; and many in between. 

Adena's strengths include a highly developed ability to conduct thorough research, be resourceful and think outside the box.  Some of her interests include disruptive philanthropy (i.e. challenging the status quo); micro-philanthropy (smaller, more direct interactions between givers and recipients); and shining a light on smaller causes/organizations making a significant impact, especially within the U.S. 

Adena is consistently working to expand her treasure chest of ordinary people doing extraordinary work, with an intention to connect them with philanthropists whose values match their needs.

Adena is a 21/64 certified philanthropy facilitator and consultant. In a unique niche, Adena also works with companies helping to engage employees, both collectively & individually, in various philanthropic ways, in and out of the workplace.  Additionally, Adena works with entertainment artists & other professionals to create customized experiences for their supporters/fans, while engaging them in philanthropy and making a difference together.